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The folks at SuperBrace have been producing high quality fork braces for street bikes for some time now. And with over 30 years of off-road riding experience, it didn't take long for them to start producing high quality fork braces for dirt bikes as well. According to the experts at SuperBrace, some of the benefits of a fork brace are as follows:

  • Reduced low- and high-speed wobble
  • Improved stability in tight cornering
  • Improved tire life and reduced tire cupping wear
  • Decreased sensitivity to rough trail surfaces

SuperBrace Fork Brace for the Honda XR400R
For this review, we evaluated the SuperBrace Fork Brace for the Honda XR400R. Weighing in at 1¼-pounds, the XR fork brace was machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and came hard anodized in black. The XR fork brace is a two-piece design with four stainless steel bolts securing it together. This allows for a quick and easy installation.

Another great feature is that it has flanges on top to allow attachment of the stock fork boots. The fork brace clamps firmly to the top of both lower fork legs allowing them to function as one.

Installation of the SuperBrace XR400R Fork Brace
Our SuperBrace Fork Brace for the Honda XR400R was well crafted, fit perfectly, and looked like it came stock on the bike. SuperBrace makes a claim of "easy 10-minute installation" and we can certainly testify to this. The installation was quick and easy thanks to the two-piece design. The only issue we encountered was with the included installation instructions not mentioning or showing which way to install the fork brace (bolts facing rearward or forward). A quick email to and from SuperBrace indicated that the bolts are meant to face rearward. (Instructions are on the SuperBrace Website.)

Evaluation of the SuperBrace XR400R Fork Brace
Most Honda XR forks are known to have a lot of flex. The SuperBrace Fork Brace eliminates most of this flex allowing the fork tubes to work as one. By eliminating most of the flex from the fork, we found the bike to be more responsive when turning at any speed on most any type of terrain. The front suspension definitely felt firmer with the fork brace, especially on gravel logging roads. On the trail the fork seemed to soak up the smaller bumps a lot better than before. Ruts were easier to ride through, both riding in and riding out -- the feeling of falling over from brushing the edge of the rut was almost nil. In certain situations we were able to actually turn the front wheel into the side of the rut and still keep the bike upright. This was something that was very difficult with the XR without the fork brace.

How much does a SuperBrace Fork Brace cost and where can I get one?
At the time of this review, cost on the SuperBrace Fork Brace for the Honda XR400R was $139 (USD) and it can be ordered directly from the SuperBrace Website. Don't forget to check the latest pricing, application and availability information.

4Strokes.com Rating - 1 2 3 5
The SuperBrace Fork Brace for the Honda XR400R was extremely easy to install thanks to its two-piece design. It even incorporates a mounting flange for the stock fork boots. It is a high quality product designed to rid most of the flex found in conventional forks and we would not have a problem recommending it to anyone. We gave the SuperBrace Fork Brace for the Honda XR400R a near perfect rating of 4½.

Credits: The SuperBrace Fork Brace evaluation and review by Tony Carter. Edited by 4Strokes.com. Originally published on or about 5/14/2004.

SuperBrace Inc.
5362 Bolsa, Suite B
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Phone: 800-322-4783 or 714-379-9661
Website: www.superbrace.com

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