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SuperBrace & Photos of an Inside Tour of the SuperBrace Facility
Review posted in honor of the forum's 1-Year anniversary:

Like many, I purchased a SuperBrace for the CB1100. Since I was local, I purchased it on-site and Scott, the proprietor, was kind enough to install it for me. The benefits of this addition are subjective, but worth it in my opinion. Compared to my other ride - a Honda 919 - I perceived a looseness while riding the CB1100 at speed or in the twisties. The brace helped with the looseness while riding at speed. I haven't tested it out while in the twisties. I'll update this report after doing so. However, I'm glad for this accessory.

Here is the brace. It's attractive and matches the lines of the CB1100 well. As an FYI, I have the ABS CB1100. Others on this forum asked if the SuperBrace interferes with the ABS cables. The answer is no - everything works fine.

Scott was kind enough to give me an inside tour of his facility. Here are photos from that tour:

(1) Raw Material
SuperBraces are carved from solid aluminum billet, which explains their rigidity. Here are some bricks of the stuff, and an unpolished SuperBrace.

(2) Manufacturing Process
Next, here is a photo of the manufacturing process. These braces are carved to very minute tolerances. I have a video of this equipment at work, but am having trouble posting it. Will post when I figure it out.

(3) CB1100-Specific Photos
Finally, here are photos of the very equipment that carved the SuperBraces for our CB1100s.

I hope this little tour of the SuperBrace facility was interesting to our forum members. Scott is very passionate about his work, and the craftsmanship in these braces is evident. Thank you, Scott for taking the time to show me - and this forum - around your facility.