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Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have a brand new SuperBrace installed on my 2013 EFI Thruxton, courtesy of Cruisman. He made an awesome video of the install and I've posted my pics below. You'll also find my review as follow:

I have only been riding for 9 months so my "feel" and expertise are very limited. My Thruxton is the only bike I've ever ridden so I don't have any other baseline of comparison but this is what I can tell you of the SuperBrace installed on my bike compared to stock. Also, Cruiseman donated this new part to me so my opinion has not been influenced by any outlay of $.

The SuperBrace provides a very noticeable "strengthening" feel to the front end. It feels as though every single component and piece of the front end is completely and solidly connected, firm and securely joined together.
The biggest difference is noticed in low speed maneuvers such as 5-15 MPH "S" turns; 180 degree U-turns; and normal turn-in and cornering. Gone is the feeling of any wobbliness or vague feedback when performing tight, low-speed turns. Need for additional steering input at low speed maneuvers is drastically lessened as well.
Highway-feel at speeds up to 95 MPH (shhhh) is noticeably more stable as well. Last night I took several sweeping curves on the DNT at 70+ MPH over bridge-joint seams and other in-curve bumps. Front-end searching and correction to maintain line-of-travel were minimized by, I'd say, probably 40-50%.

Survey says: SuperBrace is a great product! I think the price is fair at approx $150 from what I've found online. The workmanship is quality. The look is discreet and non-distracting (IMO). Go get you one!