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SuperBrace Fork Stabilizer

  • Improves stability in tight cornering
  • Reduces low and high speed wobbles
  • Improves tire life and reduces cupping
  • Improves steering precision and handling
  • Decreases sensitivity to rough road surfaces and rain grooves.
  • Each SuperBrace is designed and manufactured for each specific motorcycle.
  • Every SuperBrace is made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and machined to a tolerance of + or - .002 of an inch, with a polished finish.
  • Ten minute easy installation.

Installation took only few minutes. I placed a cloth over the fender, attached the brace and installed the allen bolts finger tight. I then used the lower triple clamp as a point of reference to measure and ensure it being level. Tightened the bolts, removed the cloth and went for a ride.

  • I noticed a difference in the way my front end felt immediately, it felt sturdier as soon as I left the driveway.
  • When on the highway at 100kph the ride felt smoother, with less vibration in the handlebars. 
  • When I hit an unavoidable pot hole, rut or an expansion joints on bridge they felt less jarring.
  • The difference in cornering was also significant, the bike handled better when leaning into the corners, and felt as though I could safely be more aggressive in my cornering.
  • Over all the improvement in handling, cornering, and as a result safety, is considerable, making me realize that I should have put one of these on my bike years ago

They couldn't have come up with a better name for their company or their product, it is truly a Super Brace. I was impressed from the moment I opened the package, It looks like a sculpture, a piece of art, but with a specific purpose, fork stability.